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Pet Peeves Men Have in Relationships and What You Can do About Them

When it comes to relationships and men, the more you know about them the better chance you have in building a successful relationship. Particularly in understanding the things that can do damage in a relationship, their pet peeves. By understanding them, you can avoid them and be successful in any relationship. Among men, these are the most common annoyances they view in a relationship. To help you further, we’ve added what you can do to avoid them.


Always having to entertain her

It’s usually expected in a relationship that he comes along, picks her up, and takes her out for the date. Planning the evening can take up a lot of time, and can be exhausting as his ideas for entertaining her start running low. This is something that men can get tired from in a relationship, the pressure of having to entertain his girlfriend.

To help him out and give to the relationship, try doing the planning for a change. Along with which, when it comes to him asking you what you want, don’t reply with the standard, “I don’t know”. Instead, form an opinion and make him go with it. This can actually ease some of the stress off of him and let him relax in the planning the evening department.


Always having to listen to her

Let’s face it, among the genders, women talk more than men do. Over time men can get wary of listening to them as they aren’t accustomed to so much talking. When it comes to what they talk about, men don’t like all the little details that most women will go into, they like to get right to the point.

Where communication is important in a relationship and your partner listening to you is as well. Be sensitive to over talking his ear. If there’s too much talking you may eventually wear him out, and he may grow tired and avoid spending time with you.

Some steps to prevent this are to cut out the small details of a conversation and get to the key point. Save your discussion with other friends and family you can talk to, disperse what you need to express among the people you know, don’t dump it all on him.

Another skill set that will help couples develop their relationship is to be comfortable with silence. Many couples will start talking because they feel they need to in order to avoid awkward situations, or that they need to talk because if they don’t their relationship will go downhill. When people truly love each other, they can enjoy the time spent together, whether they are talking or not.

Spending so much money

Being in a relationship can add up money wise. Where many men will feel the pressure of having to impress their date in the beginning stages of a relationship, they may do so by spending more than usual on her. Over time, after constantly spending so much money, he can begin to resent being in a relationship and miss the things that he used to spend money on as a bachelor.

It’s important to be sensitive of this, as most men will follow this pattern of spending when beginning a relationship with someone new. Where it’s nice to be treated to expensive things every now and then, it isn’t realistic for that kind of spending to be maintained for long. Let him know that he doesn’t always have to spend so much to impress you.

Couples should learn to be comfortable just being together if they are serious about the relationship. This means just renting a movie and eating in every now and then.

Keeping up the act

It’s normal that while dating someone new, everyone puts on an act and puts their best foot forwards in an attempt to impress their date. Over time this can get tiring. If they are looking for a real relationship, they are going to have to lose the act and behave like their normal selves.

Being accepting and wanting someone real is what’s needed in order to take this next step in a relationship. The more you let him know he’s accepted for his flaws, the sooner you can both leave the beginning stages behind and get on to a real relationship together.

Dealing with her emotions

It’s important that people find someone who can be supportive of their needs and emotions in a relationship. But sometimes baggage from a person’s past can lead to emotions and reactions that will just load down a relationship. As a result of baggage, people can put their partners through; excessive insecurity, jealousy, anger, being controlling, and even paranoia.

It’s important that people deal with their past and get the healing they need before entering into a new relationship. Couples should support each other’s emotions and fears, but dealing with their partner’s baggage may be too much for them to deal with.


No Space

It is a classic mistake that when people start a new relationship, one of them ends up overcrowding the other, giving them no space or time for themselves. Giving your partner space is important in any healthy relationship. It allows them to; focus on other areas of life, spend time with friends, heal, reflect, and eventually come back to the relationship missing and wanting time with their partner.

Be sensitive that your partner needs space for himself in order to miss you and that too much time together may not be healthy for the relationship.


Successful relationships are the ones where both people understand the needs of the other. These are the pet peeves men have in relationships. By knowing about them, along with some sensitivity to your partner’s feelings, a relationship can be made healthy and beautiful.

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